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I'm"We are gathered here today, on this hallowed ground, to play this game that we all know and love... the great game of baseball."

     Park Dreams is a poignant and majestic story about a week at the famed, Cooperstown Dreams Park, and the stories are told by an umpire; a man who was working a national tournament for the first time ever, which made this a memorable experience for him as well.

     He gives a non-biased account of the day-to-day at the park; telling stories of camaraderie, social relations, and diversity while boys are becoming young men, and older men going back to a time in their youth which is pure and without the stress and strain of the world.

     There are numerous complaints about the youth of today not appreciating the "American Pastime".  Park Dreams" is one of those books that will dispel that notion while allowing older people to reminisce, younger people to understand the nostalgia and bridge that gap between young and old.aagraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

"...reminds you of the purity of little league

and that kids are still kids, and no matter how old

you are, the kid in you still lives!"

"...makes me want to stop coaching and 

become an umpire."

"...You could feel the joy and the 

excitement coming from the pages."

Radio Interview: WMAP (New York)

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Television Interview: We the People (WKYC-3; Cleveland, Ohio)

Book Signing/Discussion: Baseball Heritage Museum

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