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     "Chill Will", "Benji", "Big Mel", "Juice" and "Ice"; Will Appling, Owen Benjamin, Mel Jones, O.J. McDuffie, and Marcus Teague.  Before Michigan's "Fab Five" there was Hawken's quintet that was known as the "Juice Crew".

     In the fall semester of 1985, five young men from the Cleveland area; two from Cleveland's Woodhill Park neighborhood, and three from Warrensville Heights, began their high school experience at Hawken School.  A private school on the outskirts of Cleveland in Gates Mills.

     In the three years they attended, the "Juice Crew", changed the way people identified the school as a whole; athletically and socially.  At the same time, these five young men saw civic, cultural, and economic differences; things they never dreamed of experiencing while living around the inner city of Cleveland.  In an era where social media was relegated to newspaper, radio, and television, the "Juice Crew" brought notoriety to a school that was widely considered to be... "a school for bookworms".

     "The Onyx Renaissance" chronicles the story of how these five young men came together, and forged a brotherhood that allowed them to express themselves; athletically and socially.  Their acts had long-lasting effects on the school located in Gates Mills... effects that were still being felt today.  In a phrase, the "Juice Crew" made Hawken... "Prime Time".